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'We are consolidating our varied innovative product lines to support and uplift all of our life journey's, on this website. We will continue to bring 'cutting edge' excellence in design, fit, finish and affordability to all of the products we offer you.

I'm Jot Singh Khalsa. Since 1978, I've been creating edged tools and weapons for enthusiasts and collectors worldwide as well as designing fine jewelry and artful objects which uplift and inspire us. My knives, swords and Kirpans have been featured on book covers, magazine covers, in museum exhibitions and in print media published in nine languages. They have been award winners at knife shows throughout the USA and in Europe.

Currently, we offer our work for sale at one show in the USA, at other major Kundalini yoga events around the world and through this website. 'Edged' objects like any of those you see here can be created on request and some are available for immediate purchase.

It is with great pleasure that I present to you the finest in hand crafted edged implements and artfully designed and conceived, spirit-filled jewelry and objects with the intention to help you feel empowered and grateful in your life! Please contact us with any project you envision or with questions you might have.

NEW! Click on Finest Affordable Swords above to explore our 'cutting edge' sword line! We've made some changes recently. Hover over Artisan Kirpans and click on Large, Medium and Compact Kirinite™ Kirpans - most are shipping in three colors now. All of these Kirpans are also available with exquisite laser engraving!

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