Seva Proejcts - Sword, Kirpan, Art & Craft Project

Seva Projects - Sword, Kirpan, Art & Craft Project at Miri Piri Academy

With God's blessings and the vision He afforded me - it is my hope to continue our legacy of offering excellent, innovative, artful products for all of humanity, by teaching the next generation at Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar, India.

In late December of this year I’ll journey to Anandpur Sahib India, where in April of 1999, with the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan we presented a very special sword as a gift commemorating the 300th anniversary of the ‘Birth of the Khalsa’. I’ve always found Anandpur Sahib a very inspiring place (where 10th Sikh Master Guru Gobind Singh spent quite of bit of time) in my numerous trips there checking up on this sword. A colleague who is an arms restoration/preservation expert will join me from London. 

Then I'll go on to Amritsar and Miri Piri Academy. There I will begin to gather and build some of the machinery which we’ll use in the metals studio there. Please support my efforts to teach these bright children to develop their artistic capabilities and to craft objects that might uplift and heal our world, by visiting this link and supporting our efforts - more details about the project are there also:   With much gratitude and many blessings! 

Jot Singh Khalsa
"It's not the life that matters - It's the courage you bring to it."
~Yogi Bhajan