Welcome to our new blog

Welcome to our new blog. We are going to keep you up to date on our newest items, provide to you a bit of history of our products and put them into perspective with regard to Sikh tradition.  We’ll also provide some historic perspective on weapons that Sikh’s have used to protect the weak and innocent for generations. Thank you for being an early adopter of this blog. We look forward to sharing our products and thoughts around them with you and welcome your feedback along the way.

The main products we offer these days are kirpans and swords. Our founder and master blade maker, Jot Singh Khalsa, has been creating unique edged tools and weapons for enthusiasts and collectors worldwide since 1978.  The following are a couple of examples of the work that Jot has created over the years.

This one of a kind gold, diamond, lapis lazuli and stainless Damascus steel dagger was created for a Japanese client. This rather grand piece is not something we have in stock and at the same time we’d be happy to create something similar for you! Click on the image to see further details or contact us if you'd like to consider this.


Another unique piece is this kirpan made with Ocean Jasper handle and scabbard panels, stainless Damascus steel blade, stainless steel fittings fully hand engraved and inlaid with 24kt. gold. This kirpan is for ordering only - click image to peruse further details.  We also have some exceptional things that are available for immediate delivery here.

Our Kirinite™ Kirpans are available in midnight blue, sapphire and ruby colors. They are also available with exquisite laser engraving. Please visit our webpage for more details. Our blades are of the highest quality stainless steel and sharp. (Our view point is why bother to carry a kirpan if it’s not sharp?) Kirinite™ is a beautiful man-made material that is ultra-durable and resists chipping, cracking and shrinking.

In addition to knives, we offer a full line of affordable, excellent swords called ‘Song of the Khalsa’.  Swords have a lengthy history in the Sikh tradition. Sikhs have long been called upon to be at the forefront of defending the defenseless. In the 1500’s in India this was a way of life for many Sikhs, often fighting against the tyranny of the Mughal empire. At that time, one of the main weapons they carried was a sword. Over time, the sword (and kirpan) became part of Sikh heritage, along with the ethos to be protectors of the weak and innocent.

The 10th Master/founder of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh, elevated the sword to become a sacred symbol within Sikhism. In Sikh marriages, it has become an essential item which the groom carries during the entire ceremony.

Our swords are made of the finest high carbon stainless steel. These can be rather simple and affordable for most and can also incorporate laser engraving, gold toned fittings and electrochemically etched inspirational words or symbols at your request. Click to peruse all the possibilities.

This is the same sword that we, along with members of the Canadian Parliament, gifted to the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, back in April 2016. This was honoring the diversity in his cabinet and was offered on behalf of all Canadian Sikhs.  We invite you to read the entire story and see images of this presentation.   We also encourage you to view the video of this very special moment.

In October 2017, we were part of the opening ceremony at the Westborough, MA USA Gurdwara (Sikh Temple). There one of our “Song of the Khalsa” swords was presented to the governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker honoring him for protecting diversity and the rights of lawful citizens who may not yet have the necessary documentation to remain in the United States permanently. Also please have a look at our varied special sword and kirpan discount offers, which you can check out here .

We look forward to your feedback on this blog.


Continuing our legacy offering excellent, innovative products for the Khalsa by teaching the next generation at Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar India


Somewhere around 35 years ago, my teacher the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Harbhajan Singh wrote me a letter telling me ‘with my artistic gifts to create things that uplift and inspire people’. By His grace and with my team we have been doing that ever since. I’ve held a vision for some years now that the name Khalsa should be synonymous with the name ‘Fabergé’ of Fabergé egg fame. (Peter Carl Fabergé was a master artisan from Russia who created splendid artifacts for the Russian czars among others. He was prolific from the late 1800’s-early 1900’s). Teaching and presenting opportunities to inspire and instruct our exceptional children to be creative with their minds and hands in manifesting jewelry, swords, kirpans and other objects feels like one way that this might begin to happen. I studied gold and silversmithing for six years at a university in New York beginning in 1972, under two accomplished artisans, and have continued in this field for 40 years now. I feel that I have the requisite training to establish a program at Miri Piri Academy.

Around 20 years ago I went to MPA for several weeks, on two seperate occasions, with tools and small equipment and commenced with some initial stages of installing a metals program there in the art building. Now that business is more stable, I feel better able to commit to going there every 6 months for 4-6 weeks to perform this seva and continue to fulfill the vision of our teacher for myself as well as the vision God gave me for the name Khalsa.

So, I'm inviting you to be a part of this special art/craft training/enabling project for the students at MPA. With your support and prayers and under my (and possibly others) tutelage, they will learn to create wonderful kirpans, swords, jewelry and sacred objects to help heal, uplift and bless our world.

We need $40,000 to outfit the studio and we have received $4000 to date – so $36,000 is still needed. If you'd like to participate in this please email: info@khalsakirpans.com - funds can be tax deductible and a receipt can be sent. Any amount will be welcomed and anyone offering $2000 or more to this project will be invited to come and participate at MPA with me and learn kirpan/sword making with us in Amritsar (travel and lodging will be at your expense). Thank you.