Hand Engraving - Large and Compact Kirpans


 We can fully hand-engrave your new Artisan-made Khalsa Kirpan(s). Executed by one of our Master engravers, used often for our 'commissioned work' projects, this affords a beauty and uniqueness that you and your loved ones will cherish. It is possible to make this engraving uniquely customized for the person you will create this for. If you'd like this done with your Kirpan(s), expect to wait at least 1 month for this to be completed.

Cost of this fine hand engraving does not include Kirpan cost.

 Click images to left and below left to make larger.

Hand Engraving Hand Engraving - large Kirpan
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Hand Engraving

$3,675.00 Hand Engraving - large Kirpan
$2,875.00 Hand Engraving - Compact Kirpan
The color/size combination you have chosen is not available at this time.

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