Carved silver folding knife


Special Discount is 25% off the retail price of $3675, on this exceptional pocket knife! Would become a cherished member of any collection! A ONE OF A KIND PIECE OF ART!

Carved, stippled and Florentine finished solid sterling silver side-plates, liner lock folding knife. Braided pattern nickel damascus steel blade. Natural opal and gold plated steel accents. 3.23"/8.3cm handle length. 2.38"/6cm blade length.

Silver encourages self-containment and inward reflection. It provides one with patience and perserverance and can be a window to the Soul. It supports one's efforts to go within and explore the deepest aspects of the Self and Nature. It assists one in perceiving the truth behind surface appearances. It aids one in exploring the deep inner realms of emotion and intuition. It is a favorite of those who honor the feminine aspect of nature. Silver brings attunement to the emotional self. It can assist one in embracing mystery and surrendering to the unknown. Can aid in cooling excess heat in the body and bolster the immune system's ability to fight infection.

Opal is helpful to the pineal and pituitary glands, and aids in the conscious connection to the higher realms. Helps one to recognize and feel the creativity within the Self, providing inspiration and imagination to all situations. Strengthens the memory, and may instill faithfulness and loyalty with respect to love, personal affiliations, and business relationships. Good for blood purification, eye and vision disorders and circulation problems. 

Steel's energies are highly projective and it’s associated with the planet Mars, so named for the Roman God of war. As such, wearing stainless steel can be a little like donning spiritual armor. If you are looking to protect yourself from psychic attacks or any forms of extreme negativity, steel is a good option. Having, wearing or keeping Steel close at hand, can offer one strength, courage, grit and determination. 

Item created circa: 2012
ID: carved-silver-folding-knife
Tags: damascus steel, folding knife, sterling silver


Item created circa:

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