Large and Compact Diamond Shaped Mosaic Mother of Pearl Kirpans (3 colors)


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'By the grace of the One creator Lord - do I live, breathe and flourish in my life'. Ekongkar Satgur Prasad
'With every breath I take - do I feel your in-dwelling presence - Oh Creator Lord'. Ang Sang Waheguru
'The Khalsa belongs to the One God, to whom all victories also belong'. Nucleus meaning by Yogi Bhajan (Jot Singh's longtime teacher): I am the Divine - so my attributes and so my actions. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh
'Through service, defending others and preserving honor, by His grace, do I claim victory'. Degh Tegh Fateh
'Those who answer the call of time and space with courage and grace, shall be fulfilled and blessed, by the Eternal and Formless Lord'. Jo Bole So Nihal, Sat Siri Akal

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Anticipate a 2-3 week delay once you have submitted your desired personalization, as a stencil has to be created with your unique artwork or wording. (If you want Gurmukhi or any language script other than English, please submit those as a .pdf or .jpg file as an image - below). Expedited service is available through the company we use to make your stencil(s) within one week for an additional $200. For expedited service: contact us

Please email the picture of the etching you would like to


Kindly understand the following disclaimer: SHARPENING A REAL SWORD OF THIS CALIBER, makes them extremely dangerous, especially to have around a home where there may be infants or small children. We are not responsible for any accidents that occur with our sharpened sword blade.

Khalsa Kirpans warrants that all our products are free from defects in material and workmanship. KHALSA KIRPANS SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, IMPLIED OR EXPRESSED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTIES OF SUITABILITY FOR SPECIFIC USE OR PURPOSE. This warranty extends only to the original purchaser for as long as they own the product.

Repairs or alterations made to your sword or accessory performed by any source other than Khalsa Kirpans unconditionally voids any warranty by Khalsa Kirpans.

Khalsa Kirpans warranty does not cover any damage caused by abuse, misuse, loss, improper handling including dropping, extended water exposure, alterations, accident, neglect, disassembly, or improper sharpening.

Khalsa Kirpans is not responsible for loss or use of its products, including defective products, and disclaims responsibility for any direct, incidental or consequential damages.


By purchasing any item produced by Khalsa Kirpans, the buyer assumes responsibility to ascertain and follow all applicable laws in your local area concerning owning, carrying, shipping, transporting and use of any Khalsa Kirpans product. The buyer expressly agrees to hold harmless and idemnify Khalsa Kirpans for any and all claims resulting directly or indirectly from the purchase, ownership, transportation, shipping or use of the item in violation of applicable federal, state, and local laws or regulations. Khalsa Kirpans is not liable for misuse of any 'Song of the Khalsa' sword or product purchased either directly from Khalsa Kirpans or from one of our resellers. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase the ’Song of the Khalsa’ sword.

Three colors of Large and Compact Diamond Shaped Mosaic Natural Mother of Pearl Artisan Kirpans are available at 25% off until we sell them all!! Black, Gold and Multi-color mother of pearl. Enter: MOP 25 - at checkout.

Large Black Mother of Pearl (rather greenish hues throughout), Gold Mother of Pearl and Multicolor Mother of Pearl (a combination of white and black mother of pearl and abalone shell) Kirpans are $375.00 each, including strap and pouch less 25%! Each have a 6 inch/15.2cm blade (11.75inch/29.8cm overall length, including handle) Large white mother of pearl are 15% off. 

Compact Black Mother of Pearl (rather greenish hues throughout), Gold Mother of Pearl and Multicolor Mother of Pearl (a combination of white and black mother of pearl and abalone shell) Kirpans are $295.00 each, including strap and pouch less 25%. Each have a 3 inch/7.6cm blade (5.75 inch/14.6cm overall length, including handle). Compact white mother of pearl are 15% off. 

Each Kirpan comes with one perfectly fitted Kirpan strap in 3 color choices. (Color choices pictured to the left - final image). Black and gray adjustable length straps have a black metal buckle, white and gray adjustable length straps have a white plastic buckle and the navy blue and gray adjustable length straps have a black metal buckle. Adjustable length straps when at their maximum length are the same length as non-adjustable length straps, which are available in black and gray or white and gray. A gold embroidered zipper pouch is also included. These Kirpans are sharp. We wonder why you would bother to carry a Kirpan that is not?

We are very enthused to be able to offer you exceptional artwork that is laser engraved on both sides of the metal fittings of these Kirpans. Patterned after our much more expensive hand engraving, this laser engraving adds an element of beauty, elegance and sophistication that we have not been able to offer so affordably. For only $95 you can decorate a large or compact Kirpan! This also includes a stylized Ekongkar symbol (representing 'one creator of the creation') on the tip of the scabbard. Click the 2nd drop down menu and select 'laser engraved fittings' to see what you'll be getting or click images to left. This engraved detail is subject to scratching when abraded against any hard surface - wear with care please!

Inspirational Blade Etching or Personalization...
We have sacred, inspiring Gurmukhi phrases that can be deeply etched onto the stainless steel blade of your Kirpan(s).  It is also possible for us to create any wording and/or design work for your Kirpan blade that you wish. These choices are above in the third drop down menu.

Click all images to see larger.

International shipments are sent either by DHL Global Express or International Priority Fedex and arrive normally next day in Canada, 2 days to UK, and less than a week to India and Australia (for example). You will be charged between $40 and $65 for 1 Kirpan, depending on where we are shipping outside of the USA. All international shipments worldwide are charged duty/tax. Expect to pay some just prior to the parcel arriving.

Domestic shipments are $21 for 1 Large Kirpan and $14 for 1 Compact Kirpan shipped via USPS Priority Mail and arrive in 2-3 days. All Kirpans are shipped fully insured.

Steel's energies are highly projective and are associated with the planet Mars, so named for the Roman God of war. As such, wearing stainless steel can be a little like donning spiritual armor. If you are looking to protect yourself from aggressive advances or any forms of extreme negativity, stainless steel is a good option. Having, wearing or keeping steel close at hand, can offer one strength, courage, grit and determination.

Kirinnite™ is a man-made material. These Kirpans if dropped or subject to forceful impact with very hard surfaces (concrete, stone, metal, etc.) may chip and this is not-likely and it could happen. As with all of our kirpans, such damage is not covered under our existing warranty, and in most cases repairs can be made through Khalsa Kirpans at extra cost.

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