Sikh Dharma Dagger

Twist pattern, nickel damascus steel blade, has carved, recessed, fine silver inlaid panels. 24 kt. gold inlaid borders surround these silver inlaid panels. On these panels and the carved sterling silver crossguard, are engraved portraits of the 10 founders of the Sikh religion. Carved sterling silver pommel has images of the Golden Temple (located in India) and the Temple of Steel, (one day to be built in northern New Mexico.) Sterling silver and 18kt. gold collars flank sugilite handle (rare S. African mineral.) AAA faceted amethyst gems set in recessed areas on crossguard and pommel. Large AAA amethyst set in 18kt. gold in back of pommel. Engraving and gold inlay by Lynton McKenzie (deceased,) Ron Skaggs, Scott Pilkington and Christie George.

is one of the premier stones for this age, because of its numerous beneficial properties. Among them are protection from negative influences in one's environment, awakening the "third eye" and crown chakras (energy centers in the body), and strong influences for healing. Sugilite can be particularly beneficial for those on a spiritual path, as it can assist in "burning" one's karma, removing negative attachments and karmic influences. When one begins to wear or carry sugilite, an energetic cleansing process is initiated. This process can speed up one's inner development and help one to be a spiritual beacon in the world. When one meditates or dreams with sugilite, it can help realign and begin to manifest what one's Soul is/has been yearning for in this lifetime. It assists one in finding one's true spiritual passion and following that passion to abundance and wholeness. It helps one believe in life's possibilities and offers hope and optimism for a better future.

is a powerful stone for spiritual protection, expansion and purification. It is an aid to meditation and can help to still one's thoughts. It can help curb overindulgence and assist one to give up unhealthy habits. It balances the nervous system and the brain. Amethyst builds a cocoon of light around one's aura or presence, creating a powerful resonant field that helps one remain clear and centered in the midst of negativity, while staying open to spiritual direction and intuitive information.

revitalizes one's physical energies and magnifies the power of most gemstones. It supports openness and integrity and builds confidence in the wearer. It is related to worldly knowlege and an understanding of manifestation. It carries the energy of the Sun, stimulating one's will to grow and stretch beyond one's current experiences. Gold can assist one in overcoming paralysis and fear, allowing one to move through difficult circumstances. It evokes strength, determination and will and can augment low physical vitality and depressive tendencies.

encourages self-containment and inward reflection. It provides one with patience and perserverance and can be a window to the Soul. It supports one's efforts to go within and explore the deepest aspects of the Self and Nature. It assists one in perceiving the truth behind surface appearances. It aids one in exploring the deep inner realms of emotion and intuition. It is a favorite of those who honor the feminine aspect of nature. Silver brings attunement to the emotional self. It can assist one in embracing mystery and surrendering to the unknown. Can aid in cooling excess heat in the body and bolster the immune system's ability to fight infection.

item created circa: 1995
ID: sugilite-handled-dagger-with-amethyst
Tags: dagger, damascus steel, engraved, straight knife

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