The Legacy Series

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SInce 1992 we've had the good fortune to create some rather extraordinary knives, swords and Kirpans with themes depicting characters and events from Sikh religious history. Several of these complex projects came through the request and inspiration of the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan, my teacher for over three decades.

The Legacy Series began with The Sword of Sikh Dharma in 1992. Then came the The Sikh Dharma Dagger in 1995. It continued with The Sword of Baisakhi 1999The Sword of the Siri Singh Sahib in 2002 and the Sword of Raj Khalsa in 2017. Since finishing the latest of these projects, clients worldwide have requested us to create unique and wonderful edged objects, incorporating images that represent spiritual values (at times from Sikh history) or important events in their lives or those of their families. We invite you to consider how we may create something for you that might be passed to your future generations, affording them deeper meaning and connection with their roots and/or important people and events in your lives.

Something similar to any of the swords, daggers or Kirpans which you see below can be made for you or a loved one. Our normal delivery time is between 6-12 months depending on how many orders we have in house and the complexity of the project you are interested in having us create.