About Adi Shakti / Khanda

The Adi Shakti is a symbol of infinity.


It relates to primal creative power and has three parts to its design: 

The Chakra is a circle, a symbol of infinity and reminder that God’s infinite nature no beginning or end. To the extent one understands the creation as a reflection of the Creator, a circle can be seen to reflect the oneness and unity of the creation and humankind in essence, despite apparent differences

The Khanda is the double-edged central dagger, representing the straight and narrow path of righteousness, the razor’s edge that cuts both ways – in that whatever you do to others you are actually doing to your Self. In yogic terms, the khanda represents neutral mind – the meditative capacity to make non-reactive decisions. 

The two Kirpans - curved single-edged knives on both sides of the khanda - represent polarities that can be balanced through neutral mind: temporal and spiritual, negative and positive, etc. In yogic terms, these two kirpans represent the negative and positive mind. Guru Hargobind (one of the founders of Sikh Dharma) wore two swords, signifying Miri – political or temporal power, and Piri – spiritual sovereignty. 

The Adi Shakti Shield (pictured below) was conceived as a jewelry object to provide protection, courage, empowerment and strength to its wearers. It only recently has been introduced into our logo design. Read more about this symbol and its availability here.

We utilize the Adi Shakti symbol as our logo on the blades and scabbards of our custom knives, swords, Kirpans and our Artisan Kirpan line as well as throughout The Khalsa Raj Collection.  This universal reminder of divine support, strength and balance is a fitting adornment for the best in edged weapons and jewelry, created with a standard of excellence in design and craftsmanship.

Jot Singh Khalsa - Founder and Chairman at Khalsa Kirpans