Artisan Kirpan Upgrade Options

The World's Finest Kirpans

We are very pleased to be offering several enhancement possibilities for your, or loved one's Kirpans. 

Inspirational Blade Etching

We have sacred, inspiring Gurmukhi phrases that can be deeply etched onto the stainless steel blade of your Kirpan(s). An Adi Shakti / Khanda symbol is laser engraved on the right side of each blade always and we place inspirational blade etching on the left side. You also see this Adi Shakti / Khanda symbol laser engraved on a stylized stainless steel inlaid panel on the scabbard / sheath of every Kirpan. 

Click here to further explore and order the below option for your Kirpan(s).

A. Ikongkar Satgur Prasad - means 'By the grace of the One creator Lord - do I live, breathe and flourish in my life'.

B. Ang Sang Waheguru - means 'With every breath I take - do I feel your in-dwelling presence - Oh Creator Lord'.

C. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh - means the Khalsa belongs to the One God, to whom all victories also belong.                                               Nucleus meaning by Yogi Bhajan (Jot Singh's longtime teacher): I am the Divine - so my attributes and so my actions.

D. Degh Tegh Fateh - Through service, defending others and preserving honor, by His grace, do I claim victory.

E. It is also possible for us to create any wording and/or design work for your Kirpan blade that you wish. Click here for further details.  

(In image A below blade etching it is on the right side of blade - where it is normally on the left as in image B). 



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Hand Engraving

We also have fully hand-engraved one of the larger Kirpans featured in the image below. Executed by one of our Master engravers often used for our 'comissioned work' projects, click here if you'd like to consider further having something like this done with your Kirpan(s).

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Artisan Kirpan Upgrade Project

In late 2011 Khalsa Kirpans was honored to decorate one of our Artisan Kirpans for Harjit Singh Sajjan, a Canadian military officer who is now serving as Defense Minister of Canada. Harjit had done several tours of duty in Afghanistan alongside US Army Major General James Terry and wished to honor him. Harjit is shown below presenting the Kirpan to Major General Terry. We had the good fortune to visit with Harjit Singh on one of our recent trips to Canada. 

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Information about the Artisan-made Khalsa Kirpans warranty policy can be found here.