"Jot Singh Ji, Your craftsmanship is superb, the kirpans for my wife and I are better than I could have imagined... the pictures do not do them justice. Thanks... I am sure I will have more ideas for you to meld into art soon..."

D. Mandeeep Singh - Florida, USA

"Jot Singh Khalsa is an honorable man and a brilliant custom knife maker."

Sal Glesser - Founder and CEO of Spyderco Knives (from the Spyderco online forums)

"Hello Jot Singh, I collected the Kirpan last week, but then flew out to Europe the next day and only arrived back today... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is absolutely amazing, very nice work indeed - I am most astonished. I have not had a chance to show it to anyone yet, but that would be done in due time."

R.S. - London, UK

"Hi Jot Singh, It has arrived! The photograph was well taken and the kirpan looked so beautiful, but the photo does not do it justice! What a magnificent piece of work it is, and thank you and Julie Warenski-Erickson so much! Truly a legacy item. The fit, finish and balance are stunning. Do let me know when you have a date for us to meet so that if necessary I can book some holiday."

With my very best regards, D. Cadd - United Kingdom

"Dear Mr. Khalsa, At Christmas, I received from my wife a present of a wonderful folding knife you have made. You are a great artist and you have a wonderful profession to make things like this. With these kind of knives you give a lot of pleasure for those people, who enjoy this great work. I collect knives and I must say your knife is the most beautiful knife in my collection up 'till now! Thank you."

K. Reichert - Germany

"Jot Singh, Your website does not do much justice to this beautiful masterpiece created with great care and affection. Thanks a lot. I did receive it today. The size was bigger than I expected but then it's the way a Kirpan should be. I will soon order another one for my day to day use. Thanks again."

G. Atwal - California, USA

All Awards

Titles with an asterisk next to them bring you to the pieces that won the award.

Beretta Award*
for oustanding achievement in handcrafted cutlery
at the California CUstom Knife Show - October, 1988.

Best Knifemaker/Engraver Collaboration*
small dagger w/ matching scabbard
at the California Custom Knife Show - October, 1988.

First "KI" Award (Knives Illustrated Magazine)*
for Best Art Knife (Dagger)
at the Knifemaker's Guild Show
Orlando - Florida, July, 1989.

Best Damascus Knife (Dagger)
at the 13th New York Custom Knife Show
presented by Damascus USA - November, 1990.

Best of Show (folding knife)
at the first Meadowlands Custom Knife Show New Jersey - March, 1995.

Best Art Knife*
at the Blade Show
Atlanta, GA - May, 1995.

Best Folding Knife
at the Rhode Island Knife Show
October, 1995.

Best Folding Knife
at the Espolama Knife Show
Lugano, Switzerland - April, 1996.

Best Folding Knife
at the Blade Show West
Costa Mesa, CA - September, 1998.

Best Folding Knife
at the Southeastern Custom Knife Show
Winston-Salem, NC - September, 1999.

Best Engraved Knife
at the Southeastern Custom Knife Show
Winston-Salem, NC - September, 2001.

Best Engraved Knife
at the Southeastern Custom Knife Show
Winston-Salem, NC - September, 2002.

Best Folding Knife*
at the Las Vegas Classic Knife Show (tied)
Las Vegas, NV - January, 2004.

Best Knife of Show/Art Knife*
at the Wolverine Knife Collectors Show
Novi, MI - April, 2004.

Best Art/Fantasy Knife*
at the PKA-Denver Custom Knife Show
Denver, CO - July, 2004.

Best Fantasy Knife*
at the Knife Expo, S. California Blades
Los Angeles, CA - February, 2005.

Best Art Knife*
at the Chicago Custom Knife Show
Chicago, IL - September, 2005.

Best of Show* 
at the Chicago Custom Knife Show
Chicago, IL - September, 2008.