Commissioned Work Testimonials

Hi Jot Singh,

It has arrived! The photograph was well taken and the kirpan looked so beautiful, but the photo does not do it justice! What a magnificent piece of work it is, and thank you and Julie Warenski-Erickson so much! Truly a legacy item. The fit, finish and balance are stunning. Do let me know when you have a date for us to meet so that if necessary I can book some holiday. I am very much looking forward to meeting you again and thanking you in person, and sharing a good Indian meal together.

With my very best regards,

D. Cadd - United Kingdom

Jot Singh Ji,

Your craftsmanship is superb, the kirpans for my wife and I are better than I could have imagined... the pictures do not do them justice.

Thanks... I am sure I will have more ideas for you to meld into art soon...

D. Mandeeep Singh - Florida, USA

Dear Mr. Khalsa,

At Christmas, I was very surprised to receive from my wife a present of such a wonderful folding knife you have made. You are a great artist and you have a wonderful profession to make things like this. With these kind of knives you give a lot of pleasure for those people, who estimate this great work. I collect knives and I must say your knife is the most beautiful knife in my collection up 'till now. All the best and a happy new year.

K. Reichert - Germany

Jot Singh,

Your website does not do much justice to this beautiful masterpiece created with great care and affection. Thanks a lot. I did receive it today. The size was bigger than I expected but then it's the way a Kirpan should be. I will soon order another one for my day to day use. Thanks again.

G. S. Atwal - California, USA

Hello Jot Singh,

I collected the Kirpan last week, but then flew out to Europe the next day and only arrived back today...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is absolutely amazing, very nice work indeed - I am most astonished. I have not had a chance to show it to anyone yet, but that would be done in due time.

R.S. - London, UK

Jot Singh Khalsa is an honorable man and a brilliant custom knifemaker.

Sal Glesser
Founder and CEO of Spyderco Knives (from the Spyderco online forums

When one considers the commissioning of a Kirpaan, it is not as simple as opening a catalogue and ordering an item or going to a market stall and buying it off a shelf. A Kirpaan is a treasured 'kakaar' (one of the 5K's all devout Sikhs keep) that deserves the utmost respect as ordained by our Dhan Guru Gobind Singh ji. A Kirpaan is not just a dagger, the spiritual and emotional essence of bhagti must be embodied into the metal whilst it's been skillfully crafted. Once you meet Jot Singh ji, you instantly sense the peaceful spirit within him, here is a soul that has truly meditated and is in peace. Only a spiritual soul can incorporate essence of bhagti through his hands. This is akin to the Panj Pyare who are spiritual souls/Sikhs, when they prepare the Amrit their bhagti and paat is incorporated within the sugar & water mixture to make Amrit. Why then should a Sikh of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, who has taken Amrit, have a dagger from a market stall, fashioned crudely and wholly inferior, when they could have a master crafted kirpaan fashioned by a Gursikh like Jot Singh: would guru Gobind Singh ji or his Khalsa expect anything less? so one must then ask the question 'would my Guru or his beloved Sikhs buy a crude 'kirpaan' from a shelf in a market place?' In my humble opinion, these are poorly manufactured dagger shaped crudities mascarading as a Kirpaan, sold to the masses. 

A kirpaan is in constant contact with the Gursikh, 24 hours a day 365 days a year, it can be passed on as a deserved gift to an honourable Gursikh. It is also an heirloom for generations ahead. 

Everytime I see my Kirpaan, I sense the sheer magnificence and beauty it bestows, it's elegance and quality astound me still today. ( Kirpan commissioned circa 1994). I feel blessed to behold a true kirpaan.


 Dr. Inderbhajan Singh - United Kingdom