"Jot Singh Ji, Your craftsmanship is superb, the kirpans for my wife and I are better than I could have imagined... the pictures do not do them justice. Thanks... I am sure I will have more ideas for you to meld into art soon..."

D. Mandeeep Singh - Florida, USA

"Jot Singh Khalsa is an honorable man and a brilliant custom knife maker."

Sal Glesser - Founder and CEO of Spyderco Knives (from the Spyderco online forums)

"Hello Jot Singh, I collected the Kirpan last week, but then flew out to Europe the next day and only arrived back today... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is absolutely amazing, very nice work indeed - I am most astonished. I have not had a chance to show it to anyone yet, but that would be done in due time."

R.S. - London, UK

"Hi Jot Singh, It has arrived! The photograph was well taken and the kirpan looked so beautiful, but the photo does not do it justice! What a magnificent piece of work it is, and thank you and Julie Warenski-Erickson so much! Truly a legacy item. The fit, finish and balance are stunning. Do let me know when you have a date for us to meet so that if necessary I can book some holiday."

With my very best regards, D. Cadd - United Kingdom

"Dear Mr. Khalsa, At Christmas, I received from my wife a present of a wonderful folding knife you have made. You are a great artist and you have a wonderful profession to make things like this. With these kind of knives you give a lot of pleasure for those people, who enjoy this great work. I collect knives and I must say your knife is the most beautiful knife in my collection up 'till now! Thank you."

K. Reichert - Germany

"Jot Singh, Your website does not do much justice to this beautiful masterpiece created with great care and affection. Thanks a lot. I did receive it today. The size was bigger than I expected but then it's the way a Kirpan should be. I will soon order another one for my day to day use. Thanks again."

G. Atwal - California, USA

Jot Singh Khalsa Biography

My wife and I live and have our business and small manufacturing facility on the grounds of a wonderful spiritual community in Millis Massachusetts USA about a 50 minute drive, southwest of Boston. Classes are offered here in yoga and mediation, healing, humanology and a lot more. I'm Jot (pronounced Joat - 'rhymes' with boat) Singh Khalsa and my wife and I have been part of this community since 1980. I grew up in the Boston area.

For 6 years, beginning in 1972, I trained intensively in art, jewlery making and metalsmithing at the State University of New York at New Paltz where I learned to create silver and gold jewlery and artful objects. Shortly thereafter in New York City, I attended the 1st New York Knife Show, was impresed by what I saw and handled and said to myself 'I can do this!'. My shop and home office are where I design and fabricate handmade knives, swords and Kirpans (sacred Sikh knives) and where I'm happy to create something unique and special for you or loved ones. I also design and offer quite a bit of jewelry, which can be viewed and purchased at: www.theKhalsaRaj.com and www.LifeKnives.com.

I enjoy designing edged items, fine-tuning the mechanics of a folding knife, and meeting the challenges that a one-of-a-kind dagger, sword or Kirpan present. Choosing the materials that will best suit the subtleties of a paritcular piece is another aspect that I take pleasure in - matching different colors and shapes of a handle or inlay materials with patterns of damascus steel. It's very satisfying when a piece that I've toiled for hours, days, or months over develops into something that pleases others as well as myself.

It wouldn't be a lie for me to say, "knife, sword and Kirpan making have been a spiritual experience for me." When I was nineteen years old, in college focused on studying fine arts, I began to practice Kundalini Yoga and meditation. This was significant, as I embarked on building a new self-reliance within myself, through regular practice of this sacred technology.

Through my affiliation with our non-sectarian yoga organization, 3HO Foundation, I met Yogi Bhajan, a spiritual master who was also a member of the Sikh religion. The fundamental practices of Sikh Dharma (lifestyle) appealed to me: daily yoga and meditation, relating to the One God in all; and living a healthy, vegetarian lifestyle.

One of the symbols of the Sikh religion is a Kirpan, which is worn to remind one to be a protector of the weak and innocent. (This originated from generations of religious oppression in India, and the Sikhs were the ones willing to take up arms to protect all being oppressed, including themselves).

The symbolic Kirpans that friends were obtaining from India were/are still not of great quality. Encouragement from a couple of Sikh friends led me to acquire the special metalsmithing skills required for knife, sword and Kirpan making.

I made my first knife at SUNY, College at New Paltz, New York, in 1977. That first knife was more decorative than practical, but making it "forged" in me the desire to perfect the art of knife and swordmaking. I sought out established knifemakers and bladesmiths throughout the USA to learn about grinding and forging; the best steels and their heat treatment; as well as information on knife/sword construction and fabrication. I quickly developed the necessary skills and experience to become a member of the Knifemakers' Guild, and have enjoyed making knives, swords and kirpans full-time since 1978.

I've continued to practice and teach yoga and meditation – and learned much from my teacher/mentor of over 30 years, the late Yogi Bhajan. Both my personal yogic and Dharmic practices have given me valuable insights into my life, as well as tools for deep relaxation and accessing my gifts and potential. I've shared the wonderful science of Kundalini yoga with many people – through yoga classes, even yoga classes at knife shows and yoga-related venues worldwide – for over 40 years. I wrote my first book on the core teaching of Kundalini Yoga, morning sadhana, which can be perused and purchased as an ebook here: Apple iBook, Kindle Edition or Adobe pdf . We've published a physical book also - click here to order that.

Martial arts, which I've enjoyed embracing for 35+ years, has been another source of relaxation, exercise, and self-confidence. I also serve as a Sikh minister and am easy to find at the few knife shows I attend these days as "the guy in white, wearing a turban." 

Below is an image of our team members from left to right: Jot Singh, Sat Siri Kaur, Baldev Singh and OngkarDev Kaur.



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