"Jot Singh Ji, Your craftsmanship is superb, the kirpans for my wife and I are better than I could have imagined... the pictures do not do them justice. Thanks... I am sure I will have more ideas for you to meld into art soon..."

D. Mandeeep Singh - Florida, USA

"Jot Singh Khalsa is an honorable man and a brilliant custom knife maker."

Sal Glesser - Founder and CEO of Spyderco Knives (from the Spyderco online forums)

"Hello Jot Singh, I collected the Kirpan last week, but then flew out to Europe the next day and only arrived back today... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is absolutely amazing, very nice work indeed - I am most astonished. I have not had a chance to show it to anyone yet, but that would be done in due time."

R.S. - London, UK

"Hi Jot Singh, It has arrived! The photograph was well taken and the kirpan looked so beautiful, but the photo does not do it justice! What a magnificent piece of work it is, and thank you and Julie Warenski-Erickson so much! Truly a legacy item. The fit, finish and balance are stunning. Do let me know when you have a date for us to meet so that if necessary I can book some holiday."

With my very best regards, D. Cadd - United Kingdom

"Dear Mr. Khalsa, At Christmas, I received from my wife a present of a wonderful folding knife you have made. You are a great artist and you have a wonderful profession to make things like this. With these kind of knives you give a lot of pleasure for those people, who enjoy this great work. I collect knives and I must say your knife is the most beautiful knife in my collection up 'till now! Thank you."

K. Reichert - Germany

"Jot Singh, Your website does not do much justice to this beautiful masterpiece created with great care and affection. Thanks a lot. I did receive it today. The size was bigger than I expected but then it's the way a Kirpan should be. I will soon order another one for my day to day use. Thanks again."

G. Atwal - California, USA


My knives and swords are hand-made and custom made. I employ the stock removal methods in grinding blades, and all other processes are done completely by hand, utilizing a variety of tools and machinery.

My style is original, often a combination of classic and contemporary. I create designs with both a visual and a practical aesthetic in mind. My knives, swords and Kirpans (sacred Sikh knives) fit in the hand comfortably and have good balance. My years of training in gold and silversmithing and metalsmithing in general provide me versatility in incorporating numerous possible elements into my designs. This can work to also include your concept in something unique, original and wonderful, for you and your family to treasure. I often combine precious metals and natural gemstone materials, accented with precious or semi-precious gems. Over decades I've acquired and developed quite specialized and unique skills to utilize these materials. 

For about 16 years, I forged my own Damascus steel. Because the pattern-welded Damascus steel-making process can produce noxious fumes, since around 1999, I've chosen to purchase my Damascus steel from several reputable professionals who make it for a living. A varierty of sohpisticated patterns in stainless steel damascus, and high carbon steel and nickel damascus are available. Of course even though I'm purchasing these Damascus steel bars and plates from others, we still fit, shape, grind and do all the final finishing and etching of the blades. We do some of our own hardening and tempering and rely on professionals for our longer bladed items.

My preferred handle materials are often minerals with their unique colors and patterns, which best serve when they have the right 'temperament' for a knife, sword or Kirpan handle and/or scabbard/sheath. This requires a certain toughness and include jades, jaspers and agates (available in many patterns and colors).

Sugilite, lapis lazuli and turquoise are other beautiful rather rare minerals I utilize that require more diligent care in design and handling. I also use natural mother-of-pearl regularly (gold lip, white, and black), abalone, ancient ivories, and highly figured hardwoods. I’m happy to consider the use of other handle and/or sheath materials for your special project.