Compact Artisan Kirpan Package

Compact Artisan Kirpan Package


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$210.00 Ivory Black and gray Adjustable
$210.00 Ivory White and gray Adjustable
$210.00 Ivory Black and gray Non-Adjustable
$210.00 Ivory White and gray Non-Adjustable


Available in 3 colors

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Maroon Ebony *Ivory

Two Strap Colors

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Black and gray White and gray


Maroon and black have been discontinued  - We are now offering Ruby, Sapphire and Midnight Blue Kirinite™  Compact Kirpans - click here for those. 

Compact Kirpans have 3 inch/7.6cm blades and an overall length including handle of 5.75 inches/14.6cm.  Ebony/black and maroon are out of stock - Ivory is available*. (Ivory color is a bit more expensive because it takes longer in the finishing/polishing process). Also included are 1 Kirpan strap in black and gray or white and gray, in adjustable or non-adjustable length, an embroidered zipper pouch and a 16 page full-color booklet. The 16 page 4”x6”/ full-color booklet includes comprehensive details of the Artisan-made kirpan, inspired history and significance of the kirpan, and milestones, awards, images and particulars of significant works produced through Khalsa Kirpans.

Inspirational Blade Etching
We have sacred, inspiring Gurmukhi phrases that can be deeply etched onto the stainless steel blade of your Kirpan(s).  It is also possible for us to create any wording and/or design work for your Kirpan blade that you wish. Click here to further explore and order these options for your Kirpan(s).

Kirpans are in stock and ready to ship once your order is placed. Shipping, handling and insurance for 1 kirpan - in USA  - USPS flat rate,  2-3 days = $14.00 - international via Fedex = $60.00. To Canada - arrives next day, United Kingdom - two days, rest of the world within 1 week), and normally ships within 24-48 hours from the time the order is received. 

Live outside the USA? expect to pay some duty/tax on your kirpan(s) - rates vary from country to country.  Please be sure to include your phone number at checkout - Fedex needs that.

These Kirpans are sharp. We wonder why you would bother to carry a Kirpan that is not?



If you would like to purchase additional Kirpan straps, zipper pouches, color booklets, or to upgrade your Kirpan(s), please click on the thumbnail images below or click here.

Embroidered Zipper Pouch Gatra/Kirpan Strap Inspirational Blade Etching and Personalization for Artisan Kirpans Hand Engraving - Large and Compact Kirpans Compact Kirpan belt sheath holder
16 Page booklet Zipper pouch Kirpan strap Blade etching Engraving


*Different than the black, maroon and brown micartas we use, ivory is not available in linen or canvas, and comes in "paper" based material. This is a very handsome handle/sheath material (akin to real ivory in appearance) yet may be more susceptible to chipping or cracking upon forceful impact with very hard surfaces (concrete, stone, metal, etc.) As with all of our kirpans, such damage is not covered under our existing warranty, but in many cases repairs can be made through or by Khalsa Kirpans at extra cost. Over the years, ivory micarta may also yellow some - a phenomenon not uncommon with contemporary and ancient "tusk" ivories.

Information about the Artisan-made Khalsa Kirpans warranty policy can be found here.