Compact Kirpan belt sheath holder


We are pleased to be offering new and improved belt clip holders to carry a Compact Artisan Kirpan. A COMPACT KIRPAN OF YOUR CHOICE MUST BE ORDERED WITH THESE SHEATH HOLDERS - ONE IS NOT INCLUDED. These are very secure, fastened with glue and velcro and designed to minimally interfere with the handsomeness of these Kirpans. A bit of leather tooling has also been done to add a touch of elegance. For any who may not be inclined to use a Kirpan strap, these can be a practical option for belt carry, underneath a suit jacket or in a purse for a lady.  We have had numerous requests for these are they are available to match the color of the Kirpan you choose to order. There is a spring steel clip sewn into the back of the holder. Click on smaller images - shown below main image for all views and to see larger.

We are not stocking these quite yet - so expect a 2-3 week delay to create this for your Kirpan. Currently we are gluing velcro on the backside of the scabbard - making it less feasible to also wear this Kirpan in a Kirpan strap.

We can make one of these for a Large Artisan Kirpan (with or without frame) and it will be a bit more expensive. Please contact us.

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