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Special Offer 3 - Purchase 2 Large Kirpans - get 1 Compact Kirpan free! Special Offer 3 - Purchase 2 Large Kirpans - get 1 Compact Kirpan free! Special Offer 3 - Purchase 2 Large Kirpans - get 1 Compact Kirpan free!

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Large Kirpan 1

Large Kirpan 2

Compact Kirpan

$525.00 black ivory black
$500.00 black black black
$500.00 black maroon black
$525.00 maroon ivory black
$500.00 maroon maroon black
$550.00 ivory ivory black
$500.00 black maroon brown
$525.00 black ivory brown
$500.00 maroon maroon brown
$525.00 maroon ivory brown
$550.00 ivory ivory brown
$500.00 black black brown
$550.00 ivory ivory ivory
$525.00 black ivory ivory
$525.00 maroon ivory ivory
$500.00 maroon maroon ivory
$500.00 black black ivory
$500.00 black maroon ivory
Large Kirpan 1 Strap Color
Large Kirpan 1 Strap Type
Large Kirpan 2 Strap Color
Large Kirpan 2 Strap Type
Compact Kirpan Strap Color
Compact Kirpan Strap Type


The color/size combination you have chosen is not available at this time.

Special Offer 3 - Purchase 2 Large Kirpans - get 1 Compact Kirpan free!


Limited time offer!! on The World's Finest Kirpans

Purchase two of our precisely hand made, Large Artisan Kirpan packages (includes gatra/Kirpan strap, embroidered zipper pouch, and 16 page color booklet) of your choice and we will provide a Compact Kirpan package of your choice for free. Our resellers will do their best to honor your discount request, as some have more stock than others.

All of our Kirpan and Kirpan strap options are listed by clicking the drop-down menus above 'please select an option'. You must select all 9, then your price will be listed above.

There are several options for Kirpan straps. Black and gray adjustable length straps have a metal buckle. White and gray adjustable straps have a plastic buckle. Full length straps in these same colors have no buckle. All 6 of your strap choices must be determined and entered into the above dropdown menus.

Please let us know  if you have any questions or difficulty. For details on the excellent materials used in these Kirpans - please click here.

Prices do not include shipping, insurance and handling. Towards the conclusion of the checkout process - you will be given a variety of options for shipping. All 3 Kirpan packages must ship together to one location.

Wish to add 'inspiration' to these Kirpans? Click here to explore our upgrade options.

Click smaller images to left - pouch, strap and booklet can be viewed full size.

Meet us in Yuba City, California at the biggest Nagar Kirtan (Sikh parade) in the USA - Sunday November 4th, 2012 - save on shipping and receive your discount there! 

Offer expires midnight November 30th EST Boston/New York time.

ID: special-offer-3-purchase-2-large-kirpans-get-1-compact-kirpan-free
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