Unheated / Natural Yellow Sapphire Gold Ekongkar Pendants


Unheated / Natural Yellow Sapphire Gold Ekongkar Pendants Unheated / Natural Yellow Sapphire Gold Ekongkar Pendants Unheated / Natural Yellow Sapphire Gold Ekongkar Pendants Unheated / Natural Yellow Sapphire Gold Ekongkar Pendants
Unheated / Natural Yellow Sapphire Gold Ekongkar Pendants

Finest faceted rectangular natural / unheated cushion cut 8.95 carat yellow sapphire and 11.96 carat yellow sahppire set in 22K yellow solid gold with 18K white solid gold ekongkar (represents One Creator of the Creation) symbol across the top. These are two pendants are exceptional which we created for very discriminating clients. NOT IN STOCK - APPROX. 30 DAYS TO CREATE AFTER WE RECEIVE/PURCHASE STONE.

Price is based on a $1,700.00 per ounce gold price.

Design can be created similarly with almost any similarly shaped gemstone and sterling silver, platinum and most other precious metals - please inquire.

Yellow sapphire has long been recognized as a stone of prosperity. Those who embrace the metaphysical, often use yellow sapphire not only to assist in bringing financial abundance, but also to manifest any vision one wishes to realize. Yellow sapphire stimulates the 2nd and 3rd chakras (energy centers in the body), allowing one to put one's creative energy to use through action. It assists one in formulating plans and following them to completion. It also will assist to develop and align one's personal will with Divine will. It can help one see where perserverance is required to overcome obstacles, or where obstacles may be pointing to a misalignment with Divine will. Yellow sapphire can help one distinguish when one is being called upon to overcome a problem from when one is being asked to go in a different direction. Yellow sapphire carries a joyful, exciting energy that can stimulate visions and one's desire to manifest them. It is a wonderful ally for overcoming procrastination or fear around taking action. It can help one feel more bold and willing to take risks that may allow one to reap much larger rewards than if one "played it safe." Yellow sapphire assists one in feeling delight in the process of creation - not only in the attainment of one's goals. It sitmulates creativity and artistry and can bring new ideas of what is possible.

Gold revitalizes one's physical energies and magnifies the power of most gemstones. It supports openness and integrity and builds confidence in the wearer. It is related to worldly knowlege and an understanding of manifestation. It carries the energy of the Sun, stimulating one's will to grow and stretch beyond ones current experiences. Gold can assist one in overcoming paralysis and fear allowing one to move through difficult circumstances. It evokes strength, determination and will and can augment low physical vitality and depressive tendencies.

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This item is not available for immediate purchase, however a similar item can be ordered. Delivery time is approximately 6-12 months, depending on the complexity of the project and how many projects preceed yours.

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